Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bees, Paula Abdul, and Leonard

O.k. So we all know there are some pretty bitchin' insects out there. Many have amazing adaptations, physical appearance, and mating habits. I have to say, though, that my most favorite insect is the honeybee. Here I begin my top 10 reasons why honeybees are so freakin' amazing. I'll post the rest in subsequent days - keep comin' back folks.

Why bees are so bee-otchin'
#10 Inside the honeybee abdomen are iron-containing cells which are connnected to nerves. These cells help the honeybee sense the earth's magnetic field, which aids in navigation. It is perhaps this mechanism that allows honeybees to travel miles from their hive and still find their way home.

Lately, Leonard and I have been watching the hit TV show American Idol. I have a blast watching shows like this with Leonard, as his comments always crack me up. On this show in particular, Leonard likes to expand upon the judges' comments. The other night, it went something like this:
Paula Abdul: Wow. You sang great tonight.
Contestant: Thanks Paula.
Paula Abdul: No really. You made that song you're own. It's like you came out of your shell.
Leonard: Yes. You really came out of your shell tonight. Upon shedding your shell, you resembled a slug. Perhaps Simon will pour some salt on you, and dry you out completely. Yes, I think that's what might happen. Very strong performance.
I've noticed that when Leonard does this with his family, no one really reacts, but I can't stop laughing. One of his siblings remarked once that they simply got used to some of his humor. We've been married for almost 3 years now, and I think I find him even funnier now than I did at the beginning. I guess his Leonard antics will never really grow old.


Zeek said...

wow meggie, you're right. bees are pretty pimp.

leonard said...

i have yummy containing cells in my abdomen which would explain how i always seem to find my way to taco bell.

leonard said...

i'm also pretty sure that i have couch containing cells in my a$$.

meggie said...

Yes leonard. You are quite unique. I'll get to my synopsis about you when I begin my "favorite monkey" segment.

T.J. said...

I think I have the opposite of good-feeling-containing-cells (or whatever) in my brain and thats why whenever you guys talk about gross anatomy stuff I feel like running away...phew.