Saturday, March 04, 2006

Deal or No Deal?

Why Bees are so Bee-otchin'
#9 Honeybees are so oriented to the location of their hive, that if the hive is moved a mere 5 ft. from its regular location the bee will go to original hive area, fall to the ground, and eventually die.

There's a new game show on T.V. called "Deal or No Deal," where the contestant has the tough choice of taking money offered by a banker, or risking it all to get even more. Leonard and I watched it once, and lately he has been incorporating the show into our marriage. It usually goes something like this:
Me: Leonard, will you bring the car in from the street - I don't want to get a ticket.
Leonard: That depends, what are the stakes?
Me: I'll make you a salad.
Leonard: (yells angrily) No Deal!
Me: O.k. I'll make you a salad with a side of fruit.
Leonard: What type of fruit?
Me: Pineapple...
Leonard: No Deal!!!!
Me: Pineapple and grapes.
Leonard: (looks to his left as though consulting the audience) hmmm (thinks it over for a minute).....o.k. Deal!
I was always told that compromise was a pretty big part of marriage. I guess this is just the way that Leonard plans to go about it. (At least there aren't a bunch of hot chicks holding briefcases in our version of the show).


leonard said...

so megs, you think that the chicks with the briefcases are hot too? what do ya or no deal?

T.J. said...

DEAL! But, I get what's in the briefcases...what's in the briefcases?

Hey, Meglio Ordonez...make more posts!