Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dill and Dementia

No, silly. This isn't a picture from the Brazilian rain forest - it's actually from my new herb garden. It's a hydroponic system called the AeroGarden, given to me for Christmas from Ron and Irene. I don't have to do hardly anything. It's on a pre-set timer so the light turns on and off automatically, and I only have to water it every 2 weeks. It is growing beautifully, and I'm looking forward to many months of fresh herbs.

Leonardism: My dear sweet Leonard has a very big heart, but can at times be a bit shy around strangers. This can make it difficult for him to help others in need. To get around this inward struggle, he will at times use me as his mouthpiece. Case in point: yesterday we went to Costco to get some much needed groceries. While walking through the parking lot Leonard noticed a frail, osteoporotic elderly woman struggling to lift gallon-sized cans of soup into her SUV. I was completely unaware of what was happening, as my brow was furrowed in concentration as to whether or not Costco would still have those delicious high-fiber granola bars that I love so much. I can only imagine what went on in Leonard's head during these next few seconds, as he so desired to help this woman but was held back by his self-consciousness of being awkward in front of people he doesn't know. Here's where I come in - Leonard nudged my arm and said quietly "sweetheart, do you think this lady needs some help?" Aroused from my mental slumber, I walked straight to the woman and offered our services, to which she responded that I must be the sweetest girl she has ever met. Little does she know, Leonard deserves all the praise. To all who read this post: if I ever get any huge award for anything, know that Leonard did all the work, but was too bashful to take any of the credit.

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Valery said...

Way to put forth the effort! Megan, I love your posts. You are so witty!!!!