Sunday, February 03, 2008

No Petting Please!!!

I have a confession - the idea to morph Leonard and animals into one humorous image isn't something I came up with on my own. The concept first came from Leonard himself, about a year and a half ago when we started PA school. Except in this case, instead of using the picture for sheer entertainment, he was actually attempting to turn a potentially uncomfortable situation among classmates we had just met into something they would never forget. Instead of explaining the story myself, I'll give it to you in Leonard's own words. This is a post that Leonard made on the blog he shares with his friends. (Oh, and for those of you who don't know, Leonard's real name is Kyle). Needless to say after reading this post, you'll have a better idea of why I think Leonard is the coolest. Ever.
So I was sitting in class on Monday and the teacher began to explain that we will be learning how to do the basic physical exam this summer.... I thought, "Oh, how cool." Then she mentioned that we will be practicing on each other and that we are all to wear shorts in the lab and nothing else (except for a sports bra for the lasses.)... I thought, "Oh, how not cool." Due to my "hairy" situation I immediately began to feel nervous, you may recall that the last time I had my shirt off in public, I was tranquilized and megan had to pick me up from the humane society hours later. In order to avoid any other run-ins with the fish and game, I decided to give everybody in my class a heads up, and sent them the following email, with the wonderful picture that accompanies this post attached....seriously...I did this. This is all the email said:

Hey everybody, just thought that I would give you all a fair warning about the physical exam lab coming up on thursday. Please see the attachment.-Kyle


Biddle Family said...

Hey Megan!!!!
Glad to see you blog... and you are quite funny I might add!!!! How's school going? Can't wait to hear some more funny stories at the reunion this year.. Hope you guys can make it. Also I noticed that you have heather bailey as a link! the funniest thing is she is on my stake... wierd huh!

k.k. @ thE b.y. said...

haha oohh my how funny.
can i just say that i love your blog? so funny!
where did kyle come from?!

Jeff Hamm said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing (both of you)! I look forward to seeing the hamtypusquatch in action this summer in McCall!

piercefam said...

As usual, super funny. You must really keep each other laughing. What fun.