Monday, March 10, 2008


Leonardism...well, sorry sweetheart but it must be known. Leonard likes miniatures. It's not an obsession, more of a passing fondness and a bit of a running joke in our family. He's not too picky about what has to be mini-sized to qualify, pretty much anything normally large but in a smaller form will do, although there is one caveat - the miniature must be fully functioning as the original sized item. We once had a conversation about weird toys we liked when we were kids. Normally, admitting that I once had a ventriloquist doll named Charlie creates some raised eyebrows (though personally I don't regret having him for a second!). However, when Leonard told me that one of his prized possessions was a 1 inch tall book in which he would write as miniscule as possible, I had to laugh. I similarly found it amusing when he showed me his childhood pocket knife collection, and made sure that I understood that his favorite was the 2 inch one with a genuine sharp blade, perfect for cutting thread or stabbing a fairy, if the need ever arose. Yes, I have laughed throughout the past years whenever I see Leonard's sheepish grin when we spot a miniature. From a psychological perspective, I can't help but wonder if Leonard likes miniatures because they make him feel like a giant in comparison. Perhaps in 20 years he'll have his own hovel in some basement of a future house, where a miniature wonderland exists full of tiny homes with quarter sized shrubs in the front yard and a 9 course micro-meal on the table, where Leonard-Goliath stands magestically in the center of it all. Until that time, however, Leonard has learned to improvise. On Friday he came home from the grocery store with a loaf of bread, each slice the size of a credit card. It was with great love that I cut pieces of cheese and turkey to create mini-sandwiches, finding the smallest plate in the house to serve them on.