Tuesday, April 08, 2008


It's been almost a month since I've seen Leonard. I know, it's crazy and hopefully it won't have to happen again. Being alone in our tiny apartment, reminders of his absence are everywhere. I thought I'd share with you all some of the things I'm missing out on when we're apart. Note: Due to lack of a photo of myself frowning, I had to morph a Leonard frown onto my own face!

Leonardism...Here are some things about Leonard that I really miss:
- Having to wake him up 3+ times to get out of bed
- The way he shakes his shoulders and torso, which in Leonard-speak means "will you tickle my back?"
- When he watches me do my hair like he's actually interested in it
- His patience when I said I was ready to go 10 minutes ago, but won't really be ready for another 15
- My patience when he tells me about some amazing new thing Apple is coming out with
- Watching him lip-sync passionately to any Ballad being sung on American Idol
- Watching him dance like Beyonce to any fast song being sung on American Idol
- Looking at each other with raised eyebrows when our weird neighbor across the hall randomly screams yet again for no apparent reason
- Hearing him say "sweetheart does this tie look o.k. with these shoes? I don't know about these things!"
- Seeing him respond more quickly to "Ky-Bear" than to his real name
- When he wakes me up in the middle of the night because I'm whimpering during a nightmare
- Hearing his matter-of-fact response of "let's go snuggle" when I am sad/had a long day at work/just walked through the door
- Him pointing out the uneaten last scrap of food on my plate, and dubbing it my "token leave behind"
- Not having to open my own car door
- Being able to refer to the "bonus drawer" or "favorite chair" and be completely understood
- Hearing him call me "that creepy neighborhood watch lady" when I hear something strange outside the window and simply have to investigate
I could go on and on. Let's just say that without Leonard, there is a huge void in my life. Luckily, we will be reunited this weekend and it can't come soon enough. Life is so much better when we're together - it's amazing what a little Leonard can do!


Jeff Hamm said...

Really fun post Megan, thanks for sharing! And I love the morph of your face with Kyle's... I was confused for a second until I read your explanation.

Valery said...

I love you Megan!!! I hope your birthday was wonderful. We went out to dinner to celebrate you and the other April birthday kids. Love ya, V

Rebecca said...

I was really confused by the picture at first, because clearly it was his beard, but those were Farmer eyes for sure! Anyway, love the post. I never eat the last bite either! Chris has been teasing me about that since lunch in high school. Husbands are really great to have around! Glad he's coming home soon!

Molly Farmer said...

I'm sending this in to Conan for his "If They Mated" segment.