Saturday, July 05, 2008

Seeing Eye Leonard

Guide dogs are known for their usefulness. For the masters they serve, they turn tasks from impossible to achievable while allowing their owner to maintain a sense of dignity and independence.

Leonardism...Leonard is aware of how much I love Idaho Spud Bars. For those of you not familiar, Idaho Spud Bars are a delicious candy bar made and sold locally in the Boise area. They consist of a potato-shaped lump of chocolate-marshmallow coated in chocolate and coconut.

Idaho Spud Bars aren't sold at many places here in western Oregon, so they've become my rare treat. I visited Leonard during our 5th wedding anniversary while he was living in Nyssa, and as part of his present to me I received one of these scrumptious candy bars. Well, once my human mouth had become newly exposed to the taste of my favorite treat it was only natural that the next day I said to Leonard, "Maybe we should go into town and get another Idaho Spud Bar." I uttered these words as calmly as possible, trying to hide the inner anxiety I was feeling as I wondered if my taste buds could handle the 7 minute drive into town. Given the likely possibility I would run into someone I knew at the local grocery store and be forced into recounting the past 5+ years of my life since I had last seen said high school friend/acquaintance of my mom or dad who I pretended to remember their name/fellow church member, the minutes before I would experience marshmallowy goodness were quickly adding up. Feeling worthless, I was about to tell Leonard to just forget it and I would just go on living without this important aspect of my life, when he simply looked at me with eyebrows raised, reached into his top dresser drawer, and placed an Idaho Spud Bar into my hands. What seemed unfeasible was now attained. "That's a good Leonard," I said. He grinned broadly as I scratched him behind his ear.