Sunday, August 31, 2008

Loon Lake Extravaganza

Yesterday Leonard and I went hiking with my parents to Loon Lake. A plane crashed there in the 1940s and you can hike to the wreckage. It was a beautiful day, and a great workout. Of course, you can't spend an entire day galavanting in the wilderness with Leonard without some good Leonardisms to go along.

Leonardism #1: At one point during the hike we encountered some uneven ground that required scaling rocks and fallen trees. I suggested to Leonard that perhaps we should use walking sticks for stability. Leonard found a branch of appropriate height and used it for only a few seconds before he muttered, "Aw, I feel too much like a wizard," and threw the stick to the side of the trail.

Leonardism #2: After a break, Leonard noted that my mom had dropped some of her Werther's Originals on the ground. "No worries" I stated, "I'm sure the deer enjoy Werther's as well," to which Leonard replied, "Yeah, I bet you're right. I think the grandfather deer actually taught them all about Werther's when they were young."

Here are some more pictures from our hike:

Peg resting on the trail

Dad leading the way

Leonard = Handsome

My cute parents

I was there, too

At the lake

Me and Leonard at the lake

Peg relaxin' with a tootsie pop

Catching frogs on the way to the plane

The wreckage

A plaque telling the story of the crash


Jeff Hamm said...

Cool! Looks like fun! You got some great pictures.

Lindemans said...

Megan! You are so funny!!! I love reading your blog and it seriously makes me miss you! I saw your comment on my blog and I look forward to you coming to Salt Lake sometime!

The Webber's said...

Megan -
Your post was hilarious! However, my favorite part, aside from the Wizard comment from Leonard, was the last pic and your shadow! So funny! We miss you guys! Let us know if you ever visit Utah!

Valery said...
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Valery said...

Meg and Kyle,
So great to see you two together and not in school!!! What an amazing hiking location. I loved your photos. Are you two going to be in UT-town any time soon? I miss you!!!

Rebecca said...

Wow, I never knew there was anything to do in McCall besides sit on the beach and play cards. I guess I knew you can ski in the winter, but hike? Plane wreckage? Frogs? I like McCall even better now.

Great pics, fun!

Amazed said...

All I can say is your mom looks like a beauty queen. Oh wait? She WAS a beauty queen. The Tootsie pop shot was great. The Leonardism's make my day!