Friday, October 10, 2008

Just how old is Leonard, anyway?

Leonard is 70 years old:
He chews Doublemint gum

His favorite candy bar is the Salted Nut Roll
He uses Old Spice
He whittles
He eats high fiber cereal

He has a side part

Leonard is 10 years old:

He plays video games
He sleeps on his tummy
He eats peanut butter from the jar
He's shy around strangers
He watches zombie movies
He has a side part

1 comment:

Lil said...

Megan - Your observations of the male species are worthy of your scientific mind. I too have a theory that I have proven repeatedly with mass amounts of anecdotal data. Grown men (aka guys, studs, husbands, annoying-macho-he-men, etc.)have exactly the same food acquisition skills, sleeping preferences, right-brain-left-brain domination (as evidenced by the side part) and stranger-danger fears as when they were in 5th grade. What you are observing is why evolution is an imperfect science - men haven't changed since Adam (whose name translated from ancient Aramaic means "this old spicy stuff smells good..."