Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bountiful Harvest

Last weekend we went to a friend's orchard near my parent's home. No one is using any of the apples grown there, so we pretty much have an orchard full or apples all to ourselves.
The sun was setting when we got there. I love Nyssa at dusk.

Leonard and I were lucky to have my kid sister Molly along:Molly (aka Molescule) is a gifted journalist.

She's also my only non-blue-eyed sibling, leading to plenty of adoption stories while growing up.

Molly does a heck of an impersonation of that Newton guy coming up with the Law of Gravity:

After only an hour or so, we ended up with about 90 lbs of apples that my sister in-law Tiffany and I turned into 17 quarts of scrumptious applesauce:



Kristina P. said...

Holy cow! That is some serious apple squashing!

Molly Farmer said...

I wish I had made up my mind with that smile I did. "Show teeth or don't show teeth? Show teeth, or don't show teeth? Crap, she's about to take the photo...BOTH!"

Oh, and Mom just called. She says you're adopted.


Denise said...

Love it.

emily said...

Green eyes AND no dimples - very suspicious.....

Travis Butterfield said...

dang. I didn't know you had a super gorgeous sister. You've been holding out on me! Ha ha.