Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Leonard's Mistress

I've always felt secure in my relationship with Leonard. He's never been the type to follow the silhouette of a beautiful woman with his eyes as she walks by our table at a restaurant (thank goodness). During any given day of rest as I am busying myself with any myriad of tasks, I can usually turn and find Leonard at my heels, simply desiring to be near. The fact that we've gone to school together and now work together is a pretty good indicator that he enjoys spending time with me. Recently, though, this confidence was shaken.

It was one of the hottest days of the year in Portland this summer. Leonard and I were cuddled up next to our portable air conditioner, trying to cool down. The rest of our apartment outside of this 15 foot radius was stifling and muggy. I turned and looked at Leonard, noting the content look on his face. "What are you
thinking about?" I asked, and then immediately chided myself for the cliche question. "Oh nothing," Leonard replied, placing one arm around me and the other around the air conditioner. "Just layin' here with my girls."

After that conversation we always referred to the air conditioner in the female gender. "Honey, it's warm in here, will yo
u bring her into the living room?" "Sure thing, sweetheart, she'll be there in a moment."

One day I was fixing my hair, frustrated that the air conditioner was constantly blowing at my face. I sighed, annoyed, and turned it off. This caught Leonard's immediate attention. Looking at me fiercly, hands clenched into fists, he hissed under his breath, "You take your filthy hands off of her!" I faked fear, turned the A.C. back on, and giggled, impressed by my husband's exce
ptional acting abilities. The emotion, delivery, it was all so...real.I was excited the day of our move. I had gone through every item we owned, judiciously throwing away some articles while giving some to Goodwill, keeping only what we truly needed. That bulky air conditioner unit was going to be a problem. "I think we should put her on Craigslist," I told Leonard. "Our next place will probably have central air." Leonard's face fell. In barely a whisper he spoke, "But what if we need her?" His beautiful green-blue eyes were distressed, the corners of his mouth downturned. I was taken aback. It reminded me of a child forced to give up his beloved dog. No, it was more than that. The look on his face, the sorrow, exactly what was he conveying? Realization hit me hard: true love, driven asunder.


k.k. @ thE b.y. said...

megan i LOVE your blog.
you are a great writer.
and thankfully you have plenty of funny stories to spice things up a bit.

Denise said...

So, the verdict? Did you put her on Craigslist or bring her with you?

megan said...

Thanks for the compliment, I forgot to tell you how impressed I was with your color coordinated closet on your blog!

We ended up bringing her with us as we didn't think we'd get much money for an A.C. at the end of the summer. She's currently in our garage. I can't help but feel her eyes on me every time I go out there.

Jeff Hamm said...

"She" does have a great hair-style and knows how to cool him off when he gets heated. I could totally relate to that attraction!

Kristina P. said...

Megan, first, I love the name of your blog. I was an idiot when I named mine.

And second, thanks for the comment! I love new bloggy friends, as you can tell by my new blog button. :)

Your post about your husband being 70 and 10 made me laugh. I completely understand.

Anyway, I am adding you to my Reader right now, so I can stalk you.

Karli said...

I found your site through Denise's and thought I'd let you know that I still think you are so dang cute and funny and clever! I was at your mom's this morning dropping something off and she said you'd be by later and told me you'd moved closer to home. My husband and I live in Nyssa, so we should try and get together sometime. He commutes to Boise, so we could meet in the middle! (:

Congrats on your new jobs-that is awesome and you obviously married a man as driven and amazingly talented and intelligent as you are! Glad to hear things are well. Keep us posted!

Karli (Peterson) Cleaver

Denise said...

Hey, I need a "blah, blah, blog fix." I'm waiting...