Friday, November 07, 2008

My First Two Weeks

Here are some highlights from my first two weeks seeing patients on my own:

My Stats:
# Patients seen daily: 10-13 (this will increase over time)
% Spanish speaking only patients: ~40%
% of patients that are homeless : ~15-20%
% of patients without any insurance: ~80%

First prescription ever given under my own name: Vicodin (hopefully this isn't a trend!)

Weirdest Moment: Getting hit on by a 400lb. toothless man with uncontrolled diabetes.

Most Frustrating Moment: Getting yelled at by the husband of one of my patients. She was new to the clinic and was requesting extreme amounts of pain medication for her chronic back pain. I had run a Board of Pharmacy report which showed that she had been to multiple providers over the course of a few months and had received hundreds of opioids and strong anxiety medication. I wasn't going to give her the medication she was requesting, so she ended up sobbing and he was yelling. At one point I literally had both hands out in front of me, palms facing forward saying things like "we're going to try out some of these other medications first," and "I really think physical therapy would help you" but to no avail. They walked away upset and she didn't show up to her next appointment.

Saddest Moment: Seeing an 8 month old baby for her well baby check, and learning that her 14 year old mom had been feeding her cow's milk as she couldn't afford formula. The baby ended up having iron deficiency anemia. This is a pretty big deal in babies this young, as they can end up with impaired mental development even if the iron deficiency is corrected.

Proudest Moment: Diagnosing a very grumpy 54 year old man with vertigo after he'd been previously diagnosed with a viral stomach infection twice. I gave him some Meclizine, called him the next day, and he was feeling better and sounding much less grumpy.

Coming Soon: Leonard's First Two Weeks


Kristina P. said...

Sounds heartbreaking and exciting all in one! Kind of like social work. :)

Melodie Starr* said...

keep those type of updates coming megs! that was so awesome to read! I feel like i am living my dream through you! I bet you are an incredible pa! love you!

Jeff Hamm said...

Sounds like an adventure! Is it different from what you experienced on your clinical rotations?

Amazed said...

Keep the journal coming....

Lindemans said...

Wow! Loved the update. Please keep us posted. You have a super exciting job and very interesting at that. Sounds like you are already a pro! Good job!