Tuesday, October 07, 2008

No trapper keepers or pencil boxes this time

In the spirit of being forced to take pictures in my first day of school outfit year after year, I made Leonard take a picture with me before our first day of work.

Note the mirror that broke during our move.

For the next two weeks we will be enduring endless orientations on electronic medical records, HIPPA/OSHA, etc. We'll also be spending time with another provider to figure out the flow of the clinic. Then it's time for our own patients. I'm still trying to not hyperventilate when I think about that.


Denise said...

You'll do great, you're a smart woman! We applied to about 10 different business back in March and then slowed down a little bit because the job market just wasn't too hot. Nathan is still at SST as the HR Director and likes it and likes health care (there's usually job security in health care, thank goodness). He applied for a job at St. Al's and today at Complex Care Hospital of ID. as HR Managers for both of them. We'll see how they go! You looked cute in your little "first day of work" outfit! You'll both do great. Where is it that you're working? Send me a line!

Ashleigh said...

umm... college bff, how the crap did you get so skinny? share the wealth! Good luck in your upcoming jobs!

Jeff Hamm said...

Have fun... welcome to the world of work... this may mean that you're a grown up now.

Peggy said...

You both look so professional, beautiful/handsome,
smart.....but where's your "My Little Pony" backpack
for your first day? Thanks for taking the picture....I haven't had a chance to take one in a while. Good, you both stood up straight and smiled.

Rebecca said...

Sassy first day outfit, lady! Love that! So it will be from skirts to scrubs? I'm so excited for your future patients, because you'll be so good at what you do!

Melodie Starr* said...

you and kyle are going to be AMAZING!!! My stomach dropped a little for you when I read "own patients'!!!!! They are SO LUCKY to have you guys!!!!!!

Lindemans said...

Oh Megan! Tons of luck to you both! You look great! Good luck with orientation. Can't wait to hear how you like your new job!

Valery G. said...

Congrats on your new jobs!!! So happy for the two of you. Miss you tons. Please call next time you are in town. I know you have billions of things to do and people to see when you are here but please call.