Sunday, October 26, 2008

When Life Gives You Lemons...

I'm not a big fan of portrait studios with their fake backgrounds and posed shots. So when the clinic Leonard and I work for gave us vouchers to a local portrait studio for a headshot to be displayed in the clinic lobby, I wasn't very stoked. I begrudgingly got ready, and Leonard and I rushed to have our pictures taken. These are the pictures the clinic will receive:

But here's the best part. The actual portrait packages were for multiple poses, meaning we got to choose what to do with the rest.
The photographer girl wasn't too impressed with our idea of what looked good, but I think you'll agree these next photos are the bomb.

Here's Leonard's idea of "Artsy Halloween:"Pretty cool, right? Then I discovered the prop wall full of creative accessories, stuffed animals, etc.

Here's Fairyland Leonard:

This photo really got me excited, and the creativity just kept coming. I noticed a picture on the wall of a newborn baby whose floppy neck was held upright by a small stuffed teddy bear. I looked at the prop wall, and sure enough, there was a humongous stuffed bear, waiting for Leonard to create his own infantile shot.

It took begging. A lot of begging. And promises of delicious future dinners. And promises that I wouldn't ask him to do anything embarrassing for a long time (although, the word "long" is pretty subjective, isn't it?)

Here is the result:

Once Leonard decided to just go for it, he really got into character. We have an 8x10 of this next one, and they even added a unique border:
This is my favorite one by far. I was crying as he made this pose, I don't think I've laughed this hard since I was a pre-teen:
We even have wallet-size for those of you with brag books:

I have an 11x13 print of this interesting collage photo:

By the time we were through, the photographer chick was happy to see us go. What was going to be a horrible experience turned out to be a blast, with tons of photos as evidence. I owe you Leonard, I owe you big time.


Kristina P. said...

I think these are hilarious! I love the ghost one. Love, love, love.

Molly Farmer said...

I don't have a brag book. But if it means getting my hands on one of those excited-Leonard-hugging-bear pictures, consider it purchased.

leonard said...

You do owe me big, time. Got any self-respect or dignity laying around you could give me....I seem to have misplaced mine.

The Webber's said...

These are SO hilarious! I can't imagine what that poor photographer was thinking! Was this a Portrait Innovations? That is where I like to take my kids and I think we have pictures with that same bear and Logan! How are you guys liking your jobs?

Mendenhall Madness said...

Holy crap, I think I just peed my pants!!! LOVE the pictures. I think you guys may have found your Christmas card to send out. I would have loved to seen the look on the poor photo girls face as you two decided what to do next. CLASSIC.
Love ya, miss ya

Jeff Hamm said...

Great stuff! Leonard - you still have your dignity... you kept your glasses on ;*)

Rebecca said...

That's hilarious. At least you rewarded them and bought some prints. I'm just the shots that they staged, your faces are like in total that on purpose? I like yours much better.

Denise said...

Oh man I'm DYING laughing right now. The huge bear, a little puppy dog Leonard face, and the dice in the background. L.O.V.E it!

megan said...

Thanks for the comments!

Brooke and Darren - yeah, this was at Portrait Innovations. We should get a double frame with Logan and Kyle and compare infantile cuteness.

Becca - I don't know why our faces are so shadowed, I think they are weird looking pictures. We actually didn't have to pay any money for all the photos we got, and we got a lot - they were included in the company package deal.

Valery G. said...

All I can...loved 'em!!! You two are the best!!!

NoellePratt said...

Megan, I can see that you truly have your husband wrapped around your finger, but the end result is amazing... Leonard has my total respect.


Denise said...

I'm curious does the clinic get to see ALL of the pictures? If not, you should slip one of the pictures of Leonard with the teddy bear into one of the frames in the lobby at your work for at least ONE DAY or at least until SOMEONE notices it! That's Nathan's request. Leonard-you have my complete respect too.

Lindemans said...

Oh my gosh Megan!!! Every once in a while you post an entry that takes me right back to Merrill Hall Apt. 205--this is sooooo you! You haven't changed a bit, have you? LOL!