Sunday, March 15, 2009

I work at one of those clinics

The kind of clinic where:

I have to sternly tell a 21 year old patient with a mohawk: "Hey, don't punch our walls!" as his temper flares as I'm trying to remove a foreign body from his eye.

I go to the local homeless shelter after work to hand deliver appointment information to my patient with recently diagnosed lung cancer, because there is no other way to get a hold of him.

I walk into a room and think "hmmm...KFC and wet dog" when greeting my new patient. The latter is confirmed as I notice copious dog hair on the back of her shirt.

The building is old and rickety, I don't stretch my legs too far under my desk for fear of spider webs.

And I love it.


Valery G. said...

I am glad to know you and Kyle and saving lives in Nampa and loving it!!! How is the house searching going? Good luck!!!

Amanda Morgan said...

Megan, I just stumbled onto your blog from someone else's. You are so cute, and I love the way you write! Glad that things are going well for the brilliant two of you!
Mandy (Pratt)Morgan