Saturday, April 11, 2009

D-Backs and Dragons

Leonard and I are relaxing with the George's here in Arizona.
Perks of being a member of this family include delicious Irene-cooked meals, Ronnieisms, and laying out by the pool for hours at a time.

Last night I enjoyed my first major league baseball game.

Ron of course was dressed for the occasion:

Here's the crew:

On the way home from the game, Leonard's sister Mandy was telling us about her new Bishop. "He told me I was a spit-fire. He doesn't even really know me yet, how can he know that about me? I mean, I AM a spit-fire, but you know what I mean." Leonard broke the ensuing silence as each in the car tried to figure out how to respond. "Maybe he thought you looked like a dragon?!."


Valery G. said...

I love ya Meg! If I ever need a smile I just need to read your blog posts. This was great. Thanks for capturing this moment.

Happy Easter!!!

Denise said...

Megan your hair looks so cute!! It's brown and you have bangs! How cute!

Biddle Family said...

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