Saturday, May 30, 2009

Carrots and Alcohol

I once read a story about the moment in time when a young mother realized she was truly a mom. She was in the car, husband driving, on the way to a wedding. She was feeding her infant baby food which as expected became a carroty mess all over the baby's cheeks and nose. When they arrived to the wedding she realized that she had forgotten to bring wipes or towels. In a rush and not wanting her child to be a mess at a nice event, she licked the baby's cheeks and nose clean.


That story made me laugh and wonder if I would ever have that type of relationship with someone needing my help.

Recently in clinic I saw a patient I've been seeing frequently since starting my new job. He has a history of alcohol abuse and I was concerned that he had started drinking again, though he denied this. While doing his abdominal exam, I pressed on his liver. "Take a deep breath in," I instructed. He did so, and then I further instructed "Good, now breathe slowly out of your mouth." At this point I leaned in as closely as possible to his face while still being inconspicuous. As he breathed out I took a slow, deep breath in through my nose. There it was, the nasty smell of stale alcohol on his breath and I had just inhaled it all. My suspicions were confirmed. The freaky thing is that instead of being disgusted I was happy that I had found this clue.

I don't have children yet like this young mother. But I think I get it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

This Memorial Day weekend Leonard's parents came to visit:

We had a wonderful time with them, as usual. Please come back soon, Ron and Irene! We loved having you here!

We also hosted our first dinner party at our house, complete with family from both sides:

It was the first dinner party, but it won't be the last - mark my words!

Staged photo with excellent acting, or two sisters in-law congenially having a good time or both? You decide:

We also celebrated my Dad's birthday along with the birthday of this guy, my brother Joey. I love you so much it hurts, Joey!:

The End.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Maybe House" No More

Leonard and I have bought a house.

When we finally found it among what seemed like the millions that we toured, we dubbed it "Favorite House" for obvious reasons. When our offer was accepted, we started simply calling it "The House" and then when the typical bumps in the road until closing began to appear it was known as "Maybe House." One week before closing it's status upgraded to "Likely House" and today it is now "Our House."
There is one "Twin House" in our neighborhood.

As you can see, Leonard and I are into nicknames for things.

Like when I get into the passenger side of the car and he places a mountain of books, papers, movies to be returned, etc. onto my lap and says "Here you go, Shelf."

Or when we drive to my parent's house in Nyssa and know that we will lose cell phone coverage once we pass "Horse Hill," where sad-looking horses are balancing precariously on the steep incline of a hillside. "Honey, you might want to finish that call, we're almost at Horse Hill."

Here is our favorite tree in front of our house. It's shape looks exaggerated like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, so it is now known as "Dr. Seuss Tree." I don't yet know it's real genus and species, but even when I find that out, it's name won't change.

The day we got the keys, Leonard surprised me by wrapping a big red bow around the front door. We ran into the house and walked around forever. I began to wonder how long it would take for this house to feel like home. When Leonard started making loud chicken noises to see how they would echo, I knew it was a done deal.

Eventually we laid in the living room with our feet on the fireplace. Immediately both of us noticed it - the lights above the fireplace looked like eyes and the mantle a mouth, leading to a face with a serious expression. Right then and there those particular lights became christened "The Eyes." Last nigh Leonard reminded me, "Sweetheart, don't forget to turn off The Eyes before bed."

I can't wait for the years we are going to spend in this house, along with all the nicknames yet to be formed. I'll continue to post photos as we get settled, but for now I need to go to Bedroom #1 and unpack some boxes.