Sunday, December 06, 2009

A Very Feminine Christmas

When it comes to home decorating, Leonard gives me full reign. Perhaps because he understands the joy I feel when it comes to choosing furniture and home accessories, he allows me complete executive decision-making power in this area. I couldn't be happier with the arrangement and express my gratitude frequently. Not wanting to take unfair advantage of the situation, I try to take Leonard into account when making home decorating decisions. Before purchasing our light grey sofa, I imagined a hoodied Leonard lounging comfortably on its textured fabric. Likewise, when choosing our plaid green entryway rug, I happily felt it would compliment a sock-footed Leonard ruling his roost.

Any considerations of Leonard were abandoned, however, when it came to choosing this year's Christmas tree.

The soft pink branches beckoned.

The bright pink lights begged to brighten up my family room.

Ultimately I fell helplessly into the bubblegum pink tree's sugary sweet trap. The pull was so strong, I never put Leonard into the equation. In the end, I think he looks adorable in front of the tree, and he really didn't mind too much.

The tree is (obviously) fake. The manufacturer promises durable commercial-grade PVC plastic branches that are destined to last years. Which means that for Leonard, Christmas will symbolize not only faith, family, and celebration, but also, perhaps, an abuse of power.


Denise said...

Megan, it's adorable, you! Love it!

Alicia said...

That's awesome! I love it.

Messy@Bungalow'56 said...

Found your site with the "Next Blog" feature. Enjoyed your Leanardisms. You know you have a real man, when he isn't intimidated by a pink Christmas tree.
Take care,

← Messy said...

And truly, your hair does not look like a wig.