Monday, February 15, 2010

A View of Nugget

A few weeks ago I was worried - at 10 1/2 weeks my nausea was improving and I was starting to feel better. Instead of this being a happy occasion, I was concerned that something was wrong with the pregnancy. Leonard and I tried to hear heart tones in clinic, but it was just too early. I began to think the whole thing had somehow been a misunderstanding. Soon we'd have to tell our family the unfortunate truth - I had been mistaken, it wasn't for real, and I was a big fraud. I couldn't relax until I knew for sure everything was o.k.

Leonard and I were manning the evening clinic, and after everyone had left we went into the Ultrasound room to take a gander at the baby. It didn't take more than a few seconds, and there it was! We immediately dubbed it our little "nugget," as that was exactly what it resembled - a chicken McNugget, one of the L-shaped ones that are especially tasty. We marveled when we saw the baby's quick heartbeat. We laughed as we watched our nugget perform acrobatic somersaults in the Big Top of my womb. I snapped at Leonard when he yelled "Earthquake!" while shaking the Ultrasound probe on my abdomen to see if it would make the baby move. I was certainly reassured.

On the way home I told Leonard I felt guilty. Having access to the Ultrasound was a nice perk of our profession, but one that our patients did not so easily share. As justification, I told Leonard that this Ultrasound was Unofficial and didn't really count. As usual, he nodded and told me that made perfect sense.

Last week Leonard and I had our first "Official" Ultrasound. Nugget had now grown arm buds and was waving them all over the place, as if to say "I'm officially here!"

And though the Ultrasound room is just down the hall at work, we've continued to refrain from our own private nugget viewings.

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Leonard and I are expecting a baby in mid-August. We are excited, happy, and frightened. For now we're just trying to figure out this whole pregnancy business.

I awoke Leonard in the early (for him) morning with the news. Within an hour of the positive pregnancy test, Leonard had nicknamed me "Pregan," a label which of course continues. That night we went grocery shopping and Leonard loaded the cart with name brand prenatal vitamins, pregnancy books, and anti-oxidant containing fruit juices.

Our biggest dilemma was how, and when, should we tell our families? Luckily we would be with both families during the holidays. For the Farmers I suggested a simple announcement on Christmas evening when everyone was together. When Leonard told me his plans for informing his own family, I refused immediately. "No way," I said, horrified. Leonard was persistent. "But you get to do everything!" Feeling bad for his desire to be as involved as possible, I relented, and thus the Bedazzled clear box containing our positive pregnancy test was given to his parents for Christmas:

Ron and Irene loved it. They converted it into a Christmas ornament and hung it in honor on their tree.

I am now 12 weeks along and feeling great, and I'm adding 'long-suffering' to my list of Leonard Virtues. He happily takes charge of making all of my appointments and works it out so he can be there. He doesn't complain when I request a late night run to the grocery store for iceberg lettuce and sharp cheddar. Nary a protest escapes his lips when
I cancel our afternoon plans on a day off so I can go take a two hour nap. When the pregnancy hormones cause me to be less than kind, Leonard will go on as though nothing ever happened.

Leonard, you were wrong. I don't get to do everything - you have your fair share in this too.