Friday, April 23, 2010

Raised Garden Beds? Check!

One of my gardening dreams has been fulfilled in the form of two 12x4 foot raised garden beds. We followed instructions from the tutorial at ThePioneerWoman website. I am in love with these beds. I often stand at our kitchen window and gaze at them, my imagination running wild.

The beds each took about 2 hours to construct. We used redwood and made them 12 inches tall (the perfect height to rest a pregnant belly). We plan on using our backyard flower beds for tomatoes, and will keep the raised beds for most of the other vegetables. I'm so pleased with these beds, I'm already planning for more next year (sorry Leonard).

Despite the advantage of having Farmer as a maiden name, I'm totally a novice when it comes to my garden. I was going to do tons of research to help me feel more confident, but I've decided instead to use some basic principles and good record keeping, as I know this will be a process. We'll see how it goes!


Alicia said...

That's so fun! I did a garden last summer with a pregnant belly. Would've been nice to have a place to rest it. lol. Hope the beds are a success for you guys!

Ron said...

The garden beds look great. Such skill and hard work must have gone into them. Best of luck on a productive garden! Hope to come see them soon.

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

Whatever you do don't use dog poop as a fertilizer.

Big mistake.


Lindemans said...

Awesome! I have been wanting to do these for 2 yrs now but haven't. Now we are moving so I'm waiting for our new house and next summer but I'm SO excited! They look awesome! I'm excited for you!