Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hook Ups!!!

Most jobs come with some sort of perk.

I remember a girl who lived down the hall from Leonard in college. She worked at Krispy Kreme and was known for bringi
ng leftover doughnuts home to share.
I've known people who obtained work at an airline simply for t
he perk of free plane rides.
I got free soft drinks when I worked at Steer Inn Drive-In in high school, and half off all meals when I waitressed at Lardo's, a greasy restaurant in McCall.

But none of that stacks up to the astronautness of zero gravity at 30,000 feet above the face of the earth. This perk was
experienced by my little tiny baby sister Molly, a journalist for the Deseret News. As part of a story on Utah teachers experiencing zero gravity, she was able to participate as well.

That's her - the elated one on the far right:

photo courtesy of

Nice, Molly.

You can read her Deseret News story
Also, if you'd like to see how cute she looks in a side pony
tail during her on-air interview with KSL, you can see it here.

And speaking of feats that are out of this world, check out who's starting to smile:

Friday, October 01, 2010

Cyber Brag Book

Here's a little self-indulgence, or as I like to think of it, cashing in the benevolent capital I earned during childbirth.

Photographs by Laura Farris Photography