Monday, January 10, 2011

Clothesophobia - cured!

When I received my sewing machine for Christmas at age 19, I was hooked. The ultimate feminine power tool, my machine allowed me to transform fabric into whatever my imagination desired. My trusty Husqvarna has accompanied me to college and back, and even had a hand in finding my mate. Shortly after we met, I flirted with Leonard while cutting and sewing strips of fabric for a 9 square quilt. I remember him saying what a great seamstress his mom was and that sewing was "a lost art." *Score* Since then, my sewing skills have slowly improved with such money saving home decorating projects as making throw pillows, reupholstering furniture, and constructing drapes.

I'm not afraid of sewing any of those things. I'll do a bit of research and then dive right in. But clothes. Clothes do frighten me. Sew them a bit sloppily or mess up the fit and they scream "homespun." The funny thing is, I asked for a sewing machine because I very dearly wanted to design and sew clothes, but the intimidation stifled my attempts.

And then I had a baby girl. A little doll to dress up and oggle over. My imagination began to go wild over outfits meant to be created for her. The desire to design for my own personal mannequin overpowered my fear. So I found the only newborn size dress pattern in JoAnn's and, armed with my invaluable 1950s Better Homes & Gardens sewing manual, I changed it until it no longer resembled the original, but instead what I had imagined for her.

I learned so much with this dress, and feel like I've gotten my sewing groove back. I now have numerous yards of fabric waiting to be transformed. I'm pleased as punch, and I'd like to think Millie is too:


Denise said...

you've got some mean sowing skills :) And the lil' model in it, pretty dang cute as well!

Annalise said...

Until recently, I had been of the opinion that people who sew are crazy. It just seemed like the least fun or interesting thing to do. I don't sew, never have except for maybe a few YW craft projects growing. But I think I'm coming around. I'm still far from actually purchasing my own sewing machine, but I actually think it's pretty cool. And that dress you made for Millie is adorable! Maybe I should get into it after all. Maybe I have been the crazy one all this time.

Natalie said...

that little dress is DARLING! I sew, but nothing like that. You've got skills! Hey, just finding the time to sew with a little baby around is a talent!

megan said...

Thanks Denise and Natalie! I wish I could say that I sewed this when Amelia was down for a long nap (I wish that even happened!) but actually it involved staying up late a few nights.

Annalise, I understand where you are coming from - a lot of the patterns out there are pretty ugly and look like they came from the mid-90s, and unfortunately most of the "craft projects" I did in Young Women's were pretty cheesy. I found a good sewing book from the 50s and 60s when sewing was more fashionable to help me alter patterns and it's been a lot more fun. Good luck!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

I looooove this! Great job! She is darling!