Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Look Who's Talking

Millie's Aunt Emily bought her this great onesie with its own blank communication bubble, which really got me thinking - what would Millie say if she could? Here are some ideas:


Mandalynn said...

I'm loving it. Now if only she'd grow so she could fit into the awesome onsie I bought her.

Mindy said...

LOVE it!

Peggy said...

Is that a red bow I see on the little lambchop's head? She told me she likes being called lambchop - you can read it on her shirt. Grandma Peggy

Karli said...


I sent you an email to the address I found on your facebook and wondered if you'd gotten it. No pressure, just wanted to make sure it got to the right person! If not, will you send me an email that works for you and I'll re-send it?

That baby is absolutely darling-I want a shirt like that! (: And, your bread looks delicious!

Love, Karli

The Peterson's said...

Your little girl is adorable and your posts make me laugh! Hope all is well with your famiy.

Shannon Farmer said...

I can't get over how cute she is!! I want to kiss those cheeks!