Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Millie's Place

It's high time I wrote about Millie's room. It's been 90% finished for some time, but Leonard and I finally made the finishing touches and it is now complete!

Amelia's gender was a surprise, so this room presented a design challenge as I wanted it mostly finished before her birth. We decided to go with a neutral base that could be genderized with accessories once we knew if baby was a he or a she. I've been eyeing that crib for the past three years or so. You might even say I wanted it so badly that I decided to have a baby in order to get it. Just kidding, kind of.

We chose light blue paint and an accent wall with scandinavian yellow tree wallpaper I've been coveting for awhile. I wish I could say I did all of that work but I can't. Leonard has this weird idea that pregnant ladies shouldn't be on ladders, so we had lots of help. Ron, Irene, and Mandy came all the way from Utah just to paint our walls (Georges = expert painters). And in the ultimate act of generosity, my mom spent two full days wallpapering that wall as I elevated my feet, ate twizzlers, and gestated.

I considered going all out for the bedding. But I loved the lines of the crib so much that I decided to keep it simple. That pink afghan was actually given to us by the hospital. Apparently they have volunteers make hats and blankets for all newborn babies - we lucked out big time and got this beautiful chevron-patterned afghan made with super soft yarn (Sorry to you suckahs that got the hat!). That's Millie's blessing dress on the wall by the way - eek, so little!

For the mobile I made fabric origami cranes.

I painted that pink hippo. It's based off of the packaging of a baby shower gift from my itsy bitsy teeny weenie sister Molly

I sewed these drapes at the height of nesting/mania. I finished them the day after Millie's due date. As that day approached people would ask me if I was upset that the baby hadn't come yet to which I'd respond "the baby can't get here yet, I haven't finished the drapes!" Maybe those drapes were a physical representation of my inner anxiety at being a mom yadda yadda psycho babble.

I went ten days overdue. So after the drapes I sewed this elephant. Leonard thought I was nuts.

Here's Millie's changing station and dresser.

I got the artwork off of etsy.

This is the mirror above Millie's changing table. We angled it so she could look at herself, hoping to keep her occupied and still during diaper changes. It ended up being a good idea as she loved it from the first day.

Here's a younger Millie and myself having fun in that mirror. We actually spend a lot of time there as part of our morning routine, playing peek-a-boo, giggling, and blowing raspberries on her tummy. Hmm...this is sounding awfully mommy-bloggy!

Here's her dresser. Those nesting birds were given to me by my mom. And that's an elephant shaped humidifier in case you were wondering.

That wall on the right was tricky. The door to the room opens and occludes most of that wall, so I figured any artwork there would be partially hidden and look awkward. So instead we bought picture ledges and used them as book shelves.

Leonard the handyman installed them himself. Not bad! This is the only complete room in our house and since we hope to have more munchkins one day, we plan on keeping it a nursery that will hopefully be flexible for future babies' discerning tastes.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Cancun, Mexico 2011

A baby sized palm tree

Leonard, Millie and I just returned from Cancun after 6 days of fun in the sun. It was great to leave the cold, dreary Idaho weather behind and enjoy tropical sunny paradise.

First time in the ocean!

Cancun has lots to offer - ancient ruins, sightseeing, shopping, deep sea fishing. We passed on all of that and other than one short trip into the city, we spent our time swimming and getting some much needed rest and relaxation (as much as can be had with a six month old).

Die hard swimmer, even in the rain

Trip Highlights:

The taxi ride into Cancun

Reading good books:
Leonard - Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Meg Meeker (highly recommended!)

Me - The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro (a great read - excited to see the movie)
The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Patley (was trying to hold off on this, but the vacation solidified that it's time)

Early morning walks on the beach, just me and Millie.

Amelia, your bed head is embarrassing.

Amelia's giggle fest every time we went into the pool.

Perfecting her splashing technique.

The sun, scenery, and warm breezes accelerating Amelia's development. On this trip she began saying "Da-Da," slept unswaddled, began teething, and starting babbling during crying which serves her well as it's heartbreaking to hear.

Family Nap

Finally learning to sleep unswaddled!

Amelia being a local celebrity. There weren't a lot of kids at our resort, so everywhere we went we were greeted by a chorus of "It's Amelia! Hey Amelia, what's up!"

Stylin' with her Elizabeth Taylor sunglasses

Eating seafood for every meal.

Dressed up for dinner

Amelia doing great on the airplane, even though we were sitting next to the crankiest anti-babies-on-airplane frowny faced passenger on earth.

Hat = baldie sun protection

Dressing Millie up in outfits appropriate for every occasion.

Having some really great chats with Leonard. Sure, we talk all the time, but there's something about being on vacation away from daily pressures that gets the thoughts flowing. From lengthy discussions on the nature of God to superficial ones like how weird pinky toenails are.

New all-time favorite photo

The vacation was wonderful, and I'm already planning a repeat for next year. We booked our hotel arrangements through Jetsetter which saved us a ton. And though traveling with Amelia was a really great experience, and it really was, we might consider a vacation for just the two of us next time.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011