Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Baby

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thirty, Purty, and Flirty

I am now 30 and I couldn't be happier.

As I start this new chapter in my life, I reflect on my twenties and wonder what all the hype was about. Sure, I could wear my hair in messy pigtail buns and get away with it. But with all the wandering from place to place, trying to figure out where I fit in this world and what I wanted out of it, I'm kind of happy to see them go.

Don't get me wrong, I did some really great things in my twenties. I had a great college experience, traveled, and made some lasting friendships not to mention started my family. But somewhere in my early twenties I realized I had my whole life ahead of me and big dreams that would all depend on the decisions made by a still maturing young woman. Decisions about my college major, my future career, my future spouse. I sometimes felt overwhelmed with the pressure of those decisions, and probably put a bit too much pressure on myself. Did I have to double major in college? Was it imperative that I work full time that one summer while taking 12 credits online?

My mid-twenties were met with a doting husband and adjustment to married life which went fairly smoothly. Together we were poor married college students figuring out our future together. Except this brought new, different challenges. Working full time + college full time = tough. More career decisions and the realization that the choices made would affect my future family, and trying to find a way to happily have both.

My late twenties began with PA school, my two years "in the service" as I like to say. It was a lesson in endurance and the only thing that got me through was knowing it would pay off. Same with starting my job - tough at first, but knowing that every case, every treatment plan, every difficult patient would make a similar future scenario that much easier. I guess that was the tone of my twenties - take that tough class here, sacrifice a summer in the sun there, live apart from your spouse almost an entire year, and it will all pay off eventually. Well, now I'm ready for the eventually.

My twenties involved sowing the seeds that would promise a better third decade. Now that it's here, I'm greeting it with open arms. Goodbye twenty-something Megs, thanks for your hard work and adventurous spirit but I've had it with the moving from apartment to apartment, the high pressure decisions, the uncertainty. You had great skin, but I'll take my smile lines and the abdominal result of pregnancy that I lovingly refer to as my "tiger stripes" any day. Here's to my thirties. May I enjoy the fruits of my twenties and sow some nice things to help me greet my forties in a similar manner.