Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blog Limbo

I'm in blog limbo. And not in the really cool bend backwards under the broomstick kind of way. Life has changed, and so has this blog. I'm busier after having a baby than I expected and though I frequently come up with ideas for new posts (typically while cleaning for some reason), I rarely write them down. I definitely want to keep blogging, I'm just not sure what angle or tone this blog should have. To help solve my dilemma, I've decided to post every day for the next month. That's right. So far I've blogged about 100 posts and in the next month I'm going to increase that number by 130%. I know this for certain because I just calculated it. Maybe after so much forced writing I'll figure this whole thing out, though with daily posting don't expect top quality!


Ashleigh said...

Yay for this goal; I'm in total support! You're a fabulous writer and your posts are put together very well. My blog is basically a digital scrapbook and the words just a blurb about what we did. Yours is way better. :) Way to let your talents shine.

megan said...

P-smash, I love your blog! Millie's future BFF is getting cuter by the day!

Anonymous said...

Hurray! I last checked your blog on 09/8 and then today. I was amazed how much you had added...I can only imagine how fulfilling your life is with all your activities and projects and of course the one and only Millie. Thank you for your posts they make me laug and cry and inspire me to start my own projects...::sigh:: someday... lol. here goes another one. I read your blogs backwards. so You'll see what i mean. Right now inspired to get a log in so I'm not always the anonymous even though it gives me a sense of mistery and halloween is coming after all. This year I will re-start my long lost tradition of Pumpkin Carving. I can not wait to see on the front steps of my very first home!!!sniff sniff. I don't know you Meg but I feel like I do. Anyhow before I sound like a stalker i just want to say:Keep them coming! Liz.