Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Isn't that what Liz Lemon says? Or is it Liz Lemon impersonating Cathy?

Today was a wash. My only accomplishment was dinner; a tomatillo chicken enchilada casserole, low on cheese so fairly healthy with a side of black beans. Millie spent the day at my heels, arms extended, whining to be held. Here are some random thoughts since I'm just not feeling creative:

Back when she tolerated sunglasses.

I can't decide on Millie's Halloween costume. I've been planning on a lumberjack for some time complete with flannel shirt, bushy red hair and beard, but I know she'll rip the beard off immediately and then she'd just look like Pat from SNL or something.

I went to WinCo pretty early this morning and for the first time ever it wasn't crowded. I was proud of myself for the new shopping plan since Millie can only handle so much time in a cart. Then I looked around and noticed that of the people there, about 90% of them were women with babies. I guess I'm not the only one who thinks ahead.

Speaking of WinCo, Leonard and I saw a man once eating literally 1/2 an entire fried chicken while he shopped. My hand was itching for the camera on my cell phone but I refrained.

I had a patient yell at me the other day for not prescribing narcotics. Before entering the room I took a few deep breaths and planned what I was going to say, though it wouldn't have mattered anyway. After three years of this job I've tried to develop a thick skin but being screamed at still affects me. I later coped by nursing my baby while watching a Jane Austen inspired made-for-TV movie.

I've developed a late night second wind. After Millie goes to bed I'm zapped but by 10 p.m. I feel pretty good. When I start to think of all the things I could be doing that would take 1/5 of the time it would when my girl is awake, I get going. Tonight I made a huge bowl of salsa, the ingredients straight from my garden. This would have been an accomplishment except that I originally intended to preserve the salsa until I realized in order to do that I'd have to let other daily tasks slack which I didn't want to do. Coming to that decision was both disappointing and liberating.

I'm glad the Internet didn't exist when I was 12. If the Internet would have existed then I surely would have had a blog, and let's face it, I was odd at 12. And since they say nothing is ever truly deleted from the Internet, I'd have a permanent reminder of my weirdness. Though maybe I'll be feeling those sentiments reading this post at age 50.


Mandalynn said...

I love the pic.

Peggy said...

Megs, you were never odd at 12 - just creatively interesting, (& also very cute)!. Much love, Mom