Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bovine Sugar Fest

Tonight was "Standards Night" for Young Women's. I offered to bring dessert and since the budget was more than usual, I went with the night's cow theme and made a dessert table similar to last year's. The table included cow cake pops, french macaroons, mini cupcakes, oreos, and vanilla punch.

Tired of dealing with hiding styrofoam in deep dishes to hold the pops, I nicely asked Leonard to drill holes in a random piece of wood we had lying around. It worked great.

Here's the table with the typical church backdrop of folding chairs. These pictures aren't great. Taking pictures of your own stuff in front of other people is embarrassing.
p.s. the tablecloth was not my idea, I was going for 'mod black and white cow'
p.p.s. i feel really lame that I just clarified that

The vanilla punch was a hit with the 12 year olds. Thanks to the Internet, I emptied out bottles of Starbucks Frappachino and used them as makeshift milk bottles. Afterwards I discretely gathered them up to be reused for future parties, though I felt like a lady shoving crackers into her purse at the buffet line.

Afterward I told Leonard, "why didn't I just make a plate of brownies and leave it at that?" Though I'm pretty sure I said that last time, and I'll probably say it next time too.


Peggy said...

Megs, your cow ckae pops are Moooovelous!!!

Karli said...

I cannot believe how much work you put into that! The cake pops are adorable and I agree about the tablecloth... (: Leonard is so handy to have around! And, how did you make the vanilla punch? Was it really just milk or an actual punch recipe?

Annalise said...

Loving your frequent posting!

I cannot believe those cake pops! As someone who knows how much time cake pops take, I am SUPER impressed. Plus, they look awesome!

Oh, and I'm totally stealing the frappachino bottle idea, so thanks for that!

Mandalynn said...

Very impressive. What's in the vanilla punch?

megan said...

Thanks for the feedback! The punch was simply two 2L bottles of sprite + a 1/2 gallon of vanilla ice cream. I've seen similar recipes online with a few more ingredients but I kept it simple and they seemed to like it. In the photo it has separated. It looks a lot more milk-like when mixed together.

Natalie said...

You are seriously too talented. You gotta stop coming up with this stuff, you're making the rest of us look bad :)

Those cow cake pops, are some of the cutest things i've ever seen. Something I would see it a magazine, and say, "hey, I could totally do that" and then like 10 hours, and countless swear words later mine would more like a primary craft project gone got skills

meg baker said...

It's the name! You are my kind of woman! I will never forget when you help throw me my 12 girls camp birthday party. I was for sure I was going to get tortured. You are still throwing amazing gatherings. PS... I'm totally loving all of these posts. You have the most adorable personality and the most adorable little girl.

Valery G. said...

How long do the cake cow pop take you? They look too good to eat! You are amazing!

megan said...

Cake pops can certainly be time consuming, so I broke these up into steps. One day I'd make the cake (from a box, nothing fancy) and freeze it. Closer to the date of the activity I constructed the cake balls and put them in the fridge. The next day I dipped them and then decorated them the following day. Doing them all in one afternoon is just too much.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! Amazing table!
I love working for Young Women...I think they will remember all you do for them and will pass it along to future generations. I can only hope we help them become strong talented ::insert the YW Progress Book here:: Young Women. I can only hope...But I so wish I was more food oriented when it comes to projects but I am not... You are my inspiration! Thank you so much for going the extra mile for the girls. Liz