Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween 2011

After resigning myself to the fact that a lumberjack costume just wasn't in the cards for this year's Halloween, we ended pulling together a great last minute pioneer costume for Millie. My mom had brought back this adorable tiny bonnet from Amish country earlier this year, so we based the costume around that.

I originally planned to have her wear last year's little brown dress, but alas it was just barely too small. I was pleasantly surprised though when my mom brought her to our work Halloween party yesterday afternoon in this little get up.

This black and white gingham dress has been sitting in her closet for the past year, unworn. It was the first dress I ever made, back when she was about four months old. It was my introduction to the bogus sizing of children's patterns - this dress was size newborn. Now, at 14 months it finally fits. There's no zipper in the back yet so my mom improvised with some stick on velcro tabs. Genius! She also grabbed some black tights and boots and got her to the party just in time.

I made the apron also last minute, using some fabric I had laying around for some well intentioned, but probably will never be realized, sewing project.

Pioneer baby out past her bedtime = Halloween Hardship!

Hope you had a great Halloween!

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Valery G. said...

Last minute skills! Wish I could make anything that looked so cute. Happy Halloween!