Saturday, November 05, 2011

Millie's Lovey

Oh, did I say I'd post daily for a month? Yikes, I should have said two weeks. My goal was to re-motivate myself to post more regularly, so I'll count it as a success.

Well, I finally finished one of my projects. I've been wanting to sew my girl a lovey for some time, and at 14 months I figure now is a good time to introduce one. I saw this little long-eared softie in Stuffed Magazine, originally created by an artist named Minu, and decided I'd recreate him for Millie. I didn't have a pattern so I essentially drew out the body with room for a seam allowance and then made the ears and arms in proportion. The original artist used a darning foot to create the eyes and lashes, but since I don't have one I went ahead and handstitched the face.

If successful, loveys can certainly undergo a lot of abuse, so I figured I'd go for some higher quality materials. I ordered the fur and stuffing from the same place the artist recommended, and even though it cost a bit more, the quality is definitely better than what I would have picked up at JoAnn's.

I really like the long length of the cotton fur, and the wool felt is quite soft. I was especially impressed with the stuffing material. Usually when I stuff a pillow with the typical commercial polyfil, it's not long before they turn a bit lumpy. But this material allowed me to firmly stuff the body while lightly stuffing the ears and arms to give a floppy affect, and thus far everything has stayed in its place.

Of course, I had to personalize it a bit!

At first Millie was a bit confused by the new addition. I started introducing him everytime we'd nurse, and also at bedtime. She'd look at him suspiciously and then was fairly indifferent. But with time she'd play peek-a-boo with his ears and trace his eyes. Now whenever it's bedtime I say "Go get Lovey!" and she searches him out, squeezes him tight, and keeps him with her during our routine.

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