Sunday, December 04, 2011

Train Shirt

Well I finally finished another one of my aforementioned projects. I've been planning this shirt for some time and thought it would be perfect for fall. I was drawn to the fabric initially because it reminded me of the pattern worn by old fashioned train conductors.

I placed the stripes horizontal for the bodice and vertical everywhere else. And since the dark gray blue pattern is a bit masculine I added a ruffle on the front and back to feminize it a bit.

I used the music class blouse pattern from Oliver + S. It was my first time using one of their patterns, and I loved it. The instructions were very clear and even contained options on finishing seams, etc. along with tips to make it look more polished. Millie's a bit narrow through the shoulders and chest, so I made the 6-12 month size up top with the length and width of the 12-18 month size for the bottom two thirds.

I learned a lot of new things with this pattern. First off, it's the first shirt I've ever made so attaching a collar was new. The pattern gives the option of pintucks or gathers below the bodice and I chose pintucks as I'd never done those before. They were a bit tricky but also quite rewarding. And since buttonholes aren't my favorite thing to sew, I used snaps instead which was also a first. I went painstakingly slow as I wanted to get it just right, so it took me a bit of time. I hope to make more in the future, and hopefully quicker now that I've made it once. Luckily I thought to trace the pattern with tissue paper so I didn't have to cut up the original.

Treasured tot with tucked in train attire! (we've been reading lots of Dr. Seuss)


Natalie said...

umm...seriously, that is adorable. you, my dear, are talented!

Peggy said...

She is so cute! From the black boots, pulled up socks, gathered skirt, perfect top, and wry little expression - love the whole picture!

Ashleigh said...

so ador-reee-blay!!!